I’ve always been a writer at heart – though I have – until recently –  chosen action in the world at large over writing – mostly in the form of advocacy, building (as in designing & installing intentional community infrastructure and solar), activism, travelling, teaching and organizing.  At 56 I look back and see 28 years of putting off the writing – waiting until the time was right – or my wisdom had matured – or simply being too busy with “more important” things.

But I was sweetly inspired when I was 28 with a “life’s work” of writing – first with a vision of a work entitled “Maps of Consciousness” – and then with a novel – both of which I wrote quite copiously actually somehow in between all else I’ve done – but those works stayed in a very full folder on my computer entitled “The Work!”.  It’s time to bring them out – polish them off – and up – and complete and move them forward in honor of my original visions and the continual stream of inspiration that has been my Life.

So explore these pages if you are inspired to – there are books and books of content here – many articles that should have been written – I’ve thrown many out but kept those that are timeless – or at least even more relevant now.  The novel is back on – the articles coming once again – so this is a place to share as I go – so that waiting for all perfect factors to coalesce to get that novel written or that article out don’t get in the way of others benefiting from my thinking – and me benefitting from being out of the closet!