New Paradigm Economics

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We’ve been enculturated to think of economics as a cold, boring, academic subject devoid of connection to humanity’s heart and soul. In fact it is intimately connected and potentially one of the most juicy, alive, rich ways of understanding and evolving our humanity, our purpose and our future.

Economics is one of the most essential fields of agreements on how we hold our collective self-image, how we develop our collective self esteem. It is how we agree to take care of each other – how we hold every other human being on the planet in relationship. It holds the promise of manifesting a system of intrinsic love, social justice and caring into society. And it can embody a way of right relationship with the Earth.

To start to understand a new paradigm for economics, money and value and how we interact with the world, I invite you to “spend” some time with these videos. They represent an emerging paradigm for economics that I believe can change our world in a fundamental way – one that is prerequisite for achieving social justice, environmental sustainability and peace on this good Earth – our Lover Earth.

Many more to come soon! Including those of my own creation. If you need a break -see the last video!

First Charles Eisenstein captures the essence of new paradigm economics in this 12 minute video:


And watch the latest from Bernard Lietaer – this says it well!

and to understand this new currency world:

When in doubt look to the younger generation! See what’s emerging in the collective dream for “The Future of Money”

The Future of Money from KS12 on Vimeo.


And let’s step back a second and let Eileen Workman explain the place of Capitalism in human evolution:

Here is an analogy to open-source software for our money system from the Metacurrency project. Check it out!

Metacurrency project from Collective Intelligence Research on Vimeo.

And let’s hear from Jean-Francois Noubel on Collective Intelligence and the Collective Intelligence Research Institute:

AND THEN Bernard Lietaer speaks briefly about Sustainability & Money:

THEN CHECK OUT this short PREZI video on the MetaCurrency Project by Alan Rosenblith and the Team at


And then listen to crystal clear Francis Ayley as he so eloquently explains the best of local currency systems:

THEN CHECK OUT Charles Eisenstein as he shares a “NEW STORY” for humanity!

Charles Eisenstein from Katie Teague on Vimeo.

AND THEN Bernard Lietaer illuminates the fundamentals of true economics. (For the more “academic economics” oriented.

For Part II go to the YouTube site at:

AND Charles again on the foundation of Gift Economy:

For One of Nature’s finest most inspiring shows of beauty! Watch this one.

Double click the movie after it’s started to see full screen! – BEAUTIFUL!
And turn your sound up!

Aurora Borealis timelapse HD from Tor Even Mathisen on Vimeo.

Thanks to Tor Even Mathisen at


New Paradigm Economics — 3 Comments

  1. i felt, there is so much more to this life than i often think…how ethereal, how otherworldly yet perfectly belonging to the mystery of our planet and life. i know that i will cry when i see this in person. thank you for sharing it.

    • Hi Abby!

      Thanks for your beautiful words and sentiment . . . Nature is our ultimate lover!

      Since you responded to this movie – I have posted many more – mostly on a new paradigm of economics – a very different but integral side of Nature’s beauty!

  2. Bravo! Many great points raised and great info covering most of the necessities. Yet, it seems that 3 major essentials of Mission Accomplished are missing. # 1: Truly unitive, integrative teamwork by all the leading theorists and innovators is still lacking. 2: A truly effective set of Mission objectives, strategy, and methodology based on a truly sustainable, viable, comprehensive new paradigm, based on well-articlulated values & bioethics, and a well-defined, coherent set of biocentric cultural ecometrics to replace the subliminal plutonomic socio-economic paradigm programmed deeply & pervasively into the global neuro-linguistic psycho-social matrix of culture. 3: A sustainably viable, effective Action Plan for implementing a systemic cure, from the level of neuro-linguistic paradigm to actualization with a nonprofit cooperative community credit exchange network, supporting a life-enhancing communitarian culture. The only place I’ve found a viable basis and guidelines for achieving our “mission accomplished” is at The Greenbook blogsite and the “Awareness & Value” page (on Green ecometrics, natural values, and the principles of viable non-profit credit systems). That offers the requisite articulation of the basics of viable biocentric cultural ecometrics and values. The whole of the Greenbook content covers all the basics required for supplying the 3 missing ingredients required for cultural success. Yet, there is one other possible obstacle to accomplishing the Mission: pervasive Boomeritis, Ken Wilbur’s name for pandemic Narcissism, which is really multi-generational pandemic egomania – infecting the modern socio-cultural noosphere like a kind of psychic AIDS. On the other hand, that may really be a symptom of mass-ignorance of the realities of karma, etc., due to mass-disinformation & resultant mass-confusion & delusion. Whatever the case, the cure clearly requires a best case scenario, involving all the best, most experienced innovators and cultural scientists. After all, none of us has all the answers or pieces necessary to finishing this puzzle. If we fail to achieve a massive, truly unitive response, utilizing all the talents, skills, insights, and effective efforts of all the team members, we will NOT accomplish the Mission. Do these insights and issues seem valid and important to anyone else “out there”? If the answer to that is yes, please feel free to contact me and ask as many questions as you like. For more background and supporting info, I highly recommend the excellent video documentaries linked at the “unMoney” page @ Thanks.

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